Kevin Costner: To Play As Superman’s Dad

Award-winning actor KEVIN Costner is said to star in the upcoming Superman movie,according to Deadline.

Sources say Zack Snyder,the director of the Superman movie, wants Costner to play as Jonathan Kent, Superman’s adoptive father.

“There’s heightened interest in bringing Costner aboard,” a source said.

Henry Cavill,is set to play the Man of Steel and some of the character roles are still yet to be decided.

The new Superman movie is scheduled to hit theaters December next year.

Aside from being a super hero’s dad, Costner, who recently appeared in The Company Men,shared his thoughts with the Los Angeles Times newspaper about the reasons why many cowboy movies hit the the box office.

“Because mostly they’re not done well,” he said. “It was a very complicated time, and filmmakers tend to simplify them with the black hat, white hat. When they were enjoying their largest acceptance back in the ’50s and ’60s, [filmmakers] just got lazier and lazier.

“When they’re done really well, there’s a lot of dilemma because the way you and I live, if someone threatens us, there are three or four different layers that we can go to — the police, our politics, our PR person, our agent, our lawyer — to arbitrate our problems.

“Back then you had nobody to arbitrate your problems, and very often you found yourself even against the law because it’s not a cliché for the lawman to have been bought back then. If somebody came and wanted your property, you had to make up your mind quickly.

“Very few of us have those instincts now about how we would behave. And so if you can create those in your story — the dilemma that men and women faced — then they can be incredibly entertaining.”

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