Ashton Kutcher On Working-Out Hiatus For A Nude Scene

Punk’d ASHTON Kutcher fattens himself up a bit in preparation with his nude scenes.

The funny man stays out from gym and from working out before filming for the romantic comedy No Strings Attached.

Kutcher,who is married to Demi Moore, revealed he warned director Ivan Reitman that he would let himself go to make his character writer seem authentic.

“I actually stopped working out for this movie,” Ashton said.

“I literally had a conversation with Ivan before I started and I said, ‘This guy is a production assistant, aspiring writer.I know a lot of these guys and none of them are particularly fit.’

“And I just felt like that was necessary for this character.

“I thought making sure that this character was real was really important.”

Kutcher,whose marriage has been subjected with infidelity issues, recently admitted he likes getting naked in films.

“I don’t know why but I like having it out. I like being naked! We all come into the world this way. There’s very little you can do about it, you are who you are,” he said.

“Doing the scene, it doesn’t matter. It’s infinitely awkward. You have 40 strangers standing around.

“I think it’s less awkward for guys than girls because the crew tends to be slightly more masculine. And, you know, mine doesn’t look that much different from yours. Whenever I’m doing something like that, when it’s a sexual scene I get out of myself by trying to make sure the other person’s OK.”

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