Amy Winehouse Hires A Private Dance Instructor To Get In Shape

AMY Winehouse quest to fitness is through taking dance lessons.

Aside from her desire to dance gracefully, the 27-year-old singer ,who once suffered from drug addiction,vowed to stay healthy through hiring a private instructor to teach her how to dance ballet in the confines of her own home.

“Amy has started ballet lessons at home and she’s really enjoying them,” a source said. “She wants to get fit, tone up and become more supple without getting too muscly.

“She really likes kick-boxing too, but she loves the glamor of ballet.”

The Rehab singer,who is intent to get in shape before her comeback has installed a studio and fitness equipment into her new house.

“When she moved in she swore she was going to change her lifestyle – that’s part of the reason she had her own gym and studio installed,” said the source.

“She wants to be fit and look good ready for her comeback at the end of the year.”

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